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SHOCKING AUDIO: A lying wife, falsely accuses her husband of Assault  — *CAUGHT OF TAPE!*

"If you are not out tonight, with all your shit, I will call the Albany Police Department and say you beat me…"

Bill Conboy was accused of "beating" his estranged wife, with whom he shared a house, Kelly Conboy.

Having a child and sharing a residence, such allegations would certainly ensure the home and custody of the child would be come the property of Conboy’s wife in addition to eviscerating his career as a prosecutor and costing him time in prison.

Miraculously, the charges were dropped. Why?

Conboy had audio recording of his wife. A prosecutor himself, he had the foresight to record her with his mobile phone. His wife threatened to call the police and falsely accuse him of beating her if he doesn’t get his “Sh*t” out of the home.

Listen to her say, she would call the police and (falsely) accuse him of beating her if he didn’t move out of the shared home. You can cut the arrogance and deception with a knife.

A perfect example of an entitled woman making up life-altering falsehoods for two reasons. Because she has no sense of honesty and secondly, because she can.

She planned on destroying this man’s life, livelihood, and relationship with his child by lying.

If he did NOT have his cell phone to record this he would be just another victim of unwarranted female importance, the rabid man-hating court system, and an entitled sow of a human being willing to trample the existence of a man underfoot without remorse.

Only a couple of words could aptly describe women who abuse the justice system as muscle to milk men for everything they’re worth their personal, wicked falsehoods.

Unruly dishonest, women are tolerated.

And of course, what punishment has this woman received for risking the very freedom of this man? — Nothing.

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